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The future is yours. But you have to put in the work to make that dream a reality. And you need to start today. Yes, now.

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Our mission is to help you strategically save and invest at an early age to hopefully enjoy financial freedom later in life.

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Loss of net worth by delaying investing until you are 30 versus starting at 25 (assuming you save $15,000 annually, achieve a 9% annualized return and retire at age 60).
$ 0 +
Loss in potential net worth by investing conservatively from age 25-60 and achieving a 6% annualized return, versus investing more aggressively and achieving a 9% annualized return (assuming $15,000 invested annually).
$ 0 +
Loss in your retirement portfolio if you have a smoking habit (assuming $6 pack, 300 packs per year, 3% inflation, 9% market return, age 25-70).
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How Do I Save?

Learn eight fundamentals you need to know so you can save, invest and work to secure independent wealth over the course of your career.


What Are My Investment Options?

Here we will give you a brief overview of the universe of investment opportunities available to you, though eventually we will make a case that you will only need to focus on a few types of investments.

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How Do I Invest?

Here we will walk you through the investing basics on how to start investing (both at work and outside of work),  and what to do depending on how much money you have.

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How Do I Plan For My Future?

Plans can be daunting to start, especially for those who don’t enjoy the upfront work. But, when it comes to your financial plan, the sooner you start, the better off you will be.

We Are Here To Help

We are financial advisors, financial planners and portfolio managers at Parsec Financial, a fee-only financial advisory firm in North Carolina with $3.6 billion in assets under management as of June 30, 2022. Our advisors below are Gen Y and happy to help you get a handle on your finances and give you some investing basics to start you on your path to financial security!

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Judd Meinhart

Sr. Financial Advisor
Judd oversees all financial planning for our firm to help with future goals/plans.
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Aaron Combs

Sr. Financial Advisor
Aaron used to be a portfolio manager so enjoys financial number crunching.
ashley gragtmans portrait

Ashley Gragtmans

Sr. Financial Advisor
Ashley loves socially responsible investing and working with female investors.
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Sr. Financial Advisor
Chad has two young sons and happy to help young families.
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Hilary Daniel

Financial Advisor
Hilary enjoys working with young minority investors on their finances.
Bradley Burk portrait

Bradley Burk

Financial Advisor
Bradley is a lawyer and credentialed advisor, aka he knows his stuff!

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