Why Equity Investing?

This Is How We Do It … [Invest That Is]

Here we will walk you through the basics of equity investing and how to review company financial statements.

stock market comic

“Buy stocks as you would groceries; when they are on sale.”
— Christopher Browne

It might feel daunting to learn how to read company financials and learn how a stock is valued, but readers without financial degrees can still learn the basics so that you feel generally comfortable when making your investment choices.

Why Equity Investing
Jessie Goodwin

Stock Market Breakdown

So we’ve gone through many of the specific terms and descriptors about an individual stock … so now we’re moving on to describe measures of…

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tracking investments in the stock market
Why Equity Investing
Charles Thompson

Compound Interest

Compounding is an important term used in investing and it refers to the way gains are accumulated on investments. When an investment averages a….

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reviewing charts
Why Equity Investing
Charles Thompson

Company Valuation

There is an ocean of information available in regards to each stock, and at times it can be overwhelming. Hundreds of different economic indicators…

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