Give Back

Last, but certainly not least, give back. Give something to charitable causes to get in the habit. As your income increases, give more. Tithing says to give 10 percent of your income, but that is very difficult when you are young. Choose various charities that you feel make the world a better place. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are leading a movement to convince the world’s uber-rich to commit at least half of their wealth to charitable causes. Read the insights of some of the world’s most successful persons on why giving away almost all of the money they made is far more rewarding than keeping it for themselves:

“Making a difference in people’s lives – and seeing it with your own eyes – is perhaps the most satisfying thing you’ll ever do. If you want to fully enjoy life – give.”
– Former New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg

Find a charitable cause that is meaningful to you and share your success with others. Be aware of the costs associated with raising the funds and what expenses are tied in with the charity to ensure the majority of your money reaches the philanthropic cause you believe in. No, the “$20 all-you-can-drink bar night for charity” event doesn’t pass this test.

Find your cause, ensure your money reaches your cause, and give as often as you can.


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